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Conditions of Guarantee
Conditions of Guarantee
1. In addition to the claims under the law and/or contract of sale which arise from material defects, the rights arising from this guarantee are granted by the seller to the customer. These rights shall not be limited by the guarantee.

2. WAHL GmbH guarantees its small electrical appliances be free of any defects.Parts that are subject to wear and tear such as shaver foils, drive components, blade sets, attachment brushes, batteries or battery cells are not included in this guarantee.
The guarantee is excluded if
- the appliance has been misused or treated carelessly,
- the appliance has been damaged due to excessive stress, incorrect use or external influence,
- the defect has been caused by failure to observe the operating instructions,
- a repair or a repair attempt has been carried out by personnel other than that of a WAHL GmbH factory or of an authorised point of sale.

3. The guarantee period is subject to the length of the statutory period of limitation for material defects of the domestic law of the country in which the appliance has been purchased; however, the maximum guarantee period is 3 years.
The period shall commence at the time of delivery of the appliance from the seller to the purchaser.
The place of purchase and the date of delivery shall be proven by submitting proof of purchase, for example, the sales receipt, invoice, delivery note or similar document.

4. WAHL GmbH shall eliminate at no additional cost any defects that occur during the guarantee period if we are notified in writing within three weeks of their occurrence. Repairs will be carried out at a WAHL GmbH factory or at a point of sale authorised by WAHL GmbH. WAHL GmbH is entitled to remedy the defect by delivery of a appliance identical in construction. Further claims of the customer arising from this guarantee, particularly claims for reimbursement of expenses, reduction, compensation for damages or the right of withdrawal, shall be excluded. Statutory or other contractual claims arising from material defects shall remain unaffected.
The guarantee period shall not be extended if services are performed under the terms of the guarantee.

5. The parts replaced when carrying out the repairs under warranty or the appliance retained in case of replacement delivery shall become property of WAHL GmbH.

6. If our customer services are called upon without due cause, WAHL GmbH shall be entitled to charge the costs incurred to the customer.

7. In case any defects occur, please contact your dealer or the service centre in your country.