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The guarantee period is governed by the statute of limitations on material defects stipulated in the national law of the state in which the appliance was purchased. However, the maximum period is 3 years. During the guarantee period, we shall remedy all defects free of charge which can be proven to be based on material or manufacturing faults (see guarantee card).

In the event of a guarantee/warranty claim, you will receive a free return label by post. Freight forward deliveries cannot be accepted. Guarantee/warranty claims can only be processed where valid proof of purchase is produced. A processing fee may be charged if complaints are unjustified. Please send the appliance safely packaged for transport with a brief description of the defect(s) and a copy of your purchase receipt. WAHL GmbH cannot assume any liability for damages occurring in transit or loss during postal delivery.

You may only avail of our guarantee service for appliances which you have purchased through dealers in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. Please contact our WAHL Service Center and request a free return label.

When sending in an appliance in the event of a guarantee claim, please include a brief description of the fault it in your delivery.
Germany, Austria, Switzerland only!
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(Please advise your country of origin!)

Please contact your dealer/service in your own country for information on all other countries.