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Maintenance - Cleaning and Oiling

Keep your machine in perfect shape!


We think it’s important that you will be able to enjoy your Wahl clipper or trimmer, therefore we would like to emphasize on the importance of maintaining your machine regularly.


In case you have a clipper or trimmer and feel like the rechargeable battery goes flat quickly, the motor lacks power, the blade cuts poorly or gets hot quickly, in 9 out of 10 cases this is due to too little maintenance.


It is important to clean and oil the bladeset of your machine after every few clipping sessions or when you have cut damp hair. Oiling is done with Wahl Clipper Oil (part of the standard kit content). Regular cleaning and oiling of your bladeset can prevent the before mentioned issues, it reduces wear and tear of the bladeset and helps stimulate a long life-span. Maintaining your clipper or trimmer is really easy, if you want to know how please watch one of the below videos:

Wahl Clipper Oil has been specially developed by Wahl to be a thin liquid that is not greasy like other oils. Wahl Clipper Oil has been specifically designed for this purpose, other oils might be thicker and stickier and might do more harm than good. Therefore we advise against using any other oil than Wahl Clipper Oil on your Wahl products.


Oiling ensures optimal contact between the blades and makes sure that hairs don’t stick to the bladeset or get stuck (which is often the cause of the machine pulling the hair rather than cutting it). Overall it reduces the resistance on the blades, which has a positive influence on the cutting performance of your machine and slows down the wear and tear of the blades, keeping them sharp longer. 

Badly oiled blades cause more noise, vibration, increases wear and tear on the battery, the motor and other moving parts. 

So make sure to regularly clean your machine and oil with Wahl Clipper Oil.