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Powerful and ef cient 360 W permanent-magnet motor with 2 speed - normal (2500 RPM)
and fast (2900 RPM).

Optimum on/off switch position at the front-end.

Double-fan design, maximising air- ow to cool the motor.

Unique ergonomic handle featuring 2 grip positions; a perfectly balanced middle grip ideal for
crutching, a slim-line detailing grip at the front end for  nger-tip control during shearing.

High quality vanadium steel blade set with 76 mm comb width and 5 mm bevel ideal for shearing
and dagging sheep or tidying and clipping cattle.

Overload protection for the motor with a easy-to-use reset function.

Fully serviceable motor, offering replaceable brushes, bearings and rotor.

Industrial grade ball-bearings used through-out, for cooler running and longer service-life.

Thicker gear teeth and sealed gear-box for increased durability.



Art. No.: 258-40012


Blade: „Countryman 5“ comb and „Claw“ cutter


Cutting Width: 76 mm


EAN: 0641122004349


Mains Voltage: 220 - 240 V


Operation: DC motor 2 500 RPM and 2900 RPM


Pack Quantity: 3 pcs.


Weight: approx. 1300 g (with blade set)