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The set for all your needs! Stainless steel attachment combs with colour coding make it easy to determine your perfect cut. Suitable for WAHL® ULTIMATE Competition Series blade sets and WAHL® Competition Series blade sets from 0.8 – 3 mm.

Select the appropriate metal attachment comb to obtain the desired cutting length. Clip fur in the direction of growth.

Glides through fur with ease thanks to its thin metal teeth. Keeps its shape better than conventional
plastic attachment combs. For time-saving clipping and even results up to 25 mm.

Secure fit – clicks into position on blade set. Suitable for WAHL® Storm and WAHL® KM2.

Stainless steel attachment combs now also available individually in all sizes!

WAHL® stainless steel attachment combs and a 0.8 mm (#30) blade set are the ideal combination and are perfectly suited for matted fur. At the same time it offers the option of setting the cutting length with the attachment combs!



Art. No.: 1247-7440


EAN: 4 0015110 007319

Kit includes: 8 attachment combs 3, 6, 10, 13, 16, 19, 22, 25 mm, organizer tray