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We provide a two-year guarantee on all our products from the date of purchase. In this period we repair all defects free of charge, which demonstrably result from material or production faults, according to our conditions of guarantee. Should you need to make use of our guarantee service, please send the appliance with your address, a brief description of the fault and proof of purchase soundly packed directly to our Service-Center.

Wahl Service-Center
Roggenbachweg 9
78089 Unterkirnach
Telefon: +49 180 3235412
Telefax: +49 7721 806-205
Conditions of Guarantee
1. WAHL GmbH gives a two-year warranty on all of their electrical device components not liable to wear and tear. The rights from this warranty are supplementary to the legal and / or contractual warranty claims which customers have against each respective seller.

2. The two-year warranty period begins with the handover of the device. The time of the handover must be proven by presentation of a purchase slip such as sales check, invoice, delivery note or the like.

3. Defects which occur within the warranty period and which are reported to us in writing within three weeks of their occurrence will be corrected by us free of charge subject to the restrictions listed in Item 4. Repairs must be made in our factory or at a point of sales authorized by us. The customer has no further reaching rights from this warranty.

4. Defects caused by excessive use, improper handling and maintenance and by non-compliance with operating instructions are not covered by the warranty. The same applies to defects which occur as a result of the normal wear and tear of expendable components (e.g. shearing film, drive components, blade-sets, plug-in electric tooth brushes, batteries and storage-battery cells).

5. The warranty period will not be extended by the effecting of any warranty performances.

6. Parts exchanged within the scope of warranty repair work become our property.

7. In the event of unjustified use of our customer service, the costs incurred will be charged to the customer.