Blade Sharpening

Pre-payment recommended for fast despatch.  Call 01227 740066 to book in your blades.


To provide a quick and efficient service, all sharpenable blades are exchanged for pre sharpened sets.


Screw-on Blades              £6.50 (inc. P&P) - Both top & bottom blades are required


Snap-on Blades                £7.50 (inc. P&P) - DO NOT dismantle the blade set


Trimmer blades are non-sharpenable, due to the fineness of the teeth.  A new blade may be purchased from


Disposable Blades

The following blades are disposable, therefore non-sharpenable.  However Wahl (UK) Ltd does offer a blade exchange facility, where you can return your disposable blade set to us and we will exchange the blade for new.  Please Note: This service does not apply to damaged or broken blades.


KM1854-7505                     £26.87 (inc. P&P)

Bellina, Chromstyle Pro, Beretto, Motion, Arco, Adelar and Bravura          


KM1590-7000                    £24.39 (inc. P&P)                

Super Trimmer, Bella and Bravmini                                        

Return a perfect KM1854-7505 blade or a KM1590-7000 blade to Wahl (UK) Ltd. This blade must have nothing wrong with it other than it is blunt.


What do I need to send?

Include your name, address and telephone contact details and ensure your blade is securely packaged. If you have pre-paid for your blade sharpening, please ensure your payment reference is clearly stated. Alternatively, telephone or cheque payment will be required before the exchange will be completed.


Where do I post to?

Wahl (UK) Ltd, Blade Sharpening, Herne Bay West Industrial Park, Sea Street, Herne Bay, Kent, CT6 8JZ


What is the delivery time?

5 working days from receipt of order and payment.