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Blade Sharpening
Blade Sharpening

Here, at Wahl, we understand that your equipment is paramount to your business and therefore we pride ourselves on a fast turn-round.

Screw-on Blades
Both top & bottom are required

Clip-on Blades
DO NOT dismantle blade set

Blade Sharpening Information
- All sharpen able blades are exchanged for pre sharpened sets to provide a quick and efficient service.

Payment options
Pre-payment – call our customer service team on 01227 740066 to make a pre-payment , payment will be taken by credit or debit card, then we will issue you with a unique reference number to included when sending in your Blades.

Cheque or postal order – please make payable to Wahl (UK) Ltd, and send to:








Customer Services, Wahl (UK) Ltd, Herne Bay Trade Park,Sea Street, Herne Bay,Kent CT6 8JZ








When sending your blades back to us for re-sharpening please ensure your blades are securely packaged and payment is enclosed for the correct amount. Wahl (UK) Ltd requires full payment prior to any exchange or service work being carried out.

Important Notice:
The following blades are designed as disposable blades and therefore non-sharpen able. However Wahl (UK) Ltd does offer a blade exchange facility, where you can return your disposable blade set to us and we will exchange the blade for new. Please Note: This service does not apply to damaged blades.

Academy Chromstyle Pro, Bellina, Arco, Adelar and Bravura

Bella, Super Trimmer, Chromini and Bravmini

Return a perfect KM1854-7505 blade or a KM1590-7000 blade to Wahl (UK) Ltd. This blade must have nothing wrong with it other than it is blunt.