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Ace of Fades
Ace of Fades (1 day - £200 inc. VAT)

Fading is perhaps one of the most important skills in mens hairdressing and possibly one of the hardest to perform to a high standard. Fades are a mainstream style that has been around for years, and due to the styles simple up keep requirements is likely to be a style that remains popular for years to come.

The ability to fade well means the difference between good cut and a great cut. This course teaches all aspects of this classic barbering technique from the basics you need to know to create the perfect fade with no visible lines and a clean finish to the more advanced technicalities needed to achieve skin fades shading and blending.

This course is a must for anyone who serious about barbering and mens hairdressing.
Three years experience is recommended.

2016 Course Dates:

15th February 2016 with Michael Damiano

4th April 2016 with Michael Damiano

20th July 2016 with Michael Damiano

1st August 2016 with Michael Damiano

24th October 2016 with 5ive

21st November 2016 with Michael Damiano


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