Lithium Battery Removal

Lithium Battery Replacement, Removal and Disposal


Lithium-Ion Battery Replacement

For battery replacement the entire, intact clipper or trimmer should be sent to: Wahl (UK) Ltd Customer Services at the below address or taken to a suitably qualified professional. The battery should only be replaced by the original manufacturers spare, for safety reasons a substitute should not be used.

Do not attempt to remove the battery. Lithium-Ion batteries can explode, catch fire, and/or cause burns if disassembled, damaged or exposed to water or high temperatures.


Lithium Battery Disposal


Do not dispose of this product or the Lithium battery in the normal household waste.

The product should be returned to Wahl Customer Services where we offer a take back service or taken to a local collection facility where they will be dealt with safely and sent for the appropriate recycling.


Customer Services

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