Terms and Conditions
Wahl (UK) LTD – Servicing Terms & Conditions

Service Exchange

To maintain a quick and efficient turnaround it is our policy to exchange the products we receive for pre conditioned equipment that has been serviced to a high standard by our fully trained technical team.

Service Repair
If you wish to have your own clipper/trimmer serviced or your clipper/trimmer is damaged, the repair charge will apply. Please ensure that you clearly inform us that you wish to keep you own, otherwise your product will be exchanged.

Service Exchange Warranty
All service exchanges are covered by a three month warranty; if you experience any difficulties with your product within the warranty period please report it immediately to us so that no further charges are incurred.

Blade Sharpening
When sending your blades back to us for re-sharpening please make sure your blades are securely packaged and payment is enclosed for the correct amount, payment options are stated below.

Republic of Ireland
Service charges only apply to UK and Northern Ireland, parcels being returned to Republic of Ireland will be the service charge plus the following postal charge.
Blades - £1.50, multiple clippers & kits - £7.50 per unit.

Payment options
Wahl (UK) Ltd requires full payment prior to any exchange or service work being carried out.

Pre-payment – call our Customer Service team on 01227 740066 to make a pre-payment , payment will be taken by credit or debit card, then we will issue you with a unique reference number which must be included when sending in your clipper / trimmer.

Cheque or postal order – please make payable to Wahl (UK) Ltd.

Wahl (UK) Ltd will hold goods for a period of two months. If payment is not provided within these two months the items will be disposed of and Wahl (UK) Limited will not be held liable for issuing replacements.