Simon Shaw

Simon Shaw


One of the most inspiring & motivating hairdressers within the industry, Simon Shaw,
Global Artistic Director of Wahl (UK) is known for his innovative & fun approach to
hairdressing, barbering & education.

Simon’s innovation with the fantastic Wahl product range has been phenomenal, picking
up the Hair Awards best men’s range for his Academy collection wet goods and the
accolades do not stop there, as Simon also won the first ever Grand Master Barber award.
Simon is known for his passion towards education as he designs, develops and hosts
Wahl seminars & courses. As a result of their enthusiasm & innovation for hairdressing &
barbering, Simon is a huge attraction at major exhibitions with his success extending
beyond the UK, as demand for his unique showmanship has seen him undertake
successful tours in over 20 countries.

Now after many successful years with Wahl (UK), Simon is one of the most popular &
highly regarded hairdressers & barbers within the industry. Passionate & committed with
a desire to make every presentation, stage show or Academy seminar that he is part of fun
& exciting, Simon is undoubtedly one of leading stars within hairdressing.