Wahl Certified Refurbished Products

Wahl believe our products are built to last.  We take pride in the design, manufacture and quality of our clippers and trimmers.  With quality comes durability so Wahl offer two schemes to help reduce waste, improve the environment and extend the life of our products.

What are Wahl Certified Refurbished Products?

Wahl Certified Refurbished Products are pre-owned Wahl clippers and trimmers that undergo Wahl’s rigorous renewal process prior to being offered for sale. 


Each Wahl Certified Refurbished Product will:

- Be put through an intense cleaning and inspection process

- Undergo stringent operational testing

- Be fitted with a new lid or housing

- Receive a new blade set

- Undergo cleaning and replacement where necessary on mains leads

- Be fitted with a new battery on all rechargeable products

- Be repackaged in plain packaging to include:-

Mains Clippers & Trimmers: 1 – 4 comb attachments, cleaning brush, oil, instructions.

Rechargeable Clippers: 1 – 4 comb attachments, transformer, cleaning brush, oil, instructions.

Rechargeable Trimmers: Transformer, cleaning brush, oil, instructions.  Included comb attachments will be detailed on product listing.


Note:  Wahl Certified Refurbished Products will not include a charging stand unless essential for operational charging purposes.


What should I expect from my Wahl Certified Refurbished Product?

1. A fully operational Wahl clipper or trimmer

2. 12 months’ guarantee (This guarantee does not include blades, cables, shaver heads, foils and cutters etc., which are consumable parts).

3. Savings on the purchase of a new product


How can I obtain a Wahl Certified Refurbished Product?

These products are only available on our website at 


Refurbished supply is usually limited and we may have limited stock of some items.  A product will be reserved for you when you have completed the transaction and payment is authorised.


What is the delivery time?

5 working days from receipt of order and payment.